Increasing your flexibility has NEVER been EASIER with this 20 Video Online Course! With my series of exercises, you will EASILY increase any range of splits, hip mobility, Plie, and more with NO holding, partners holding you down, or crying from holding super splits for minutes on end. With these exercises, you will find a new range of mobility in your Hamstrings, Hips, Quads, Hip Flexors, Calves, IT Band and more in minutes! Gone are the days or tearing muscles to achieve minimal results. These safe, effective series of stretches will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried these before.

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Course Content

Before and After Start Video
Plank Buttress Start Video
Hamstring Slide Start Video
Low Back Reset Start Video
Quad Push Start Video
Lunge Correction Start Video
Yoga Block Rock Start Video
Yoga Strap Push Start Video
Find The Dots Start Video
Inner Thigh Pull Start Video
Side Lunge Start Video
Inner Thigh Kneeling Start Video
Bed Side Split Start Video
Shin Box Stretch Start Video
Shin Box Get Up Start Video
Figure 4 Start Video
IT Band Pull Start Video
Ball Roll Calf Start Video