Allie Christensen

Athletic Movement Specialist
Hi, I’m Allie! After a career ending injury, I decided to learn all I can about body mechanics and how a dancer should move to be their best dancer self, and have a long healthy relationship with their body.

My Story

My love affair with movement started as a dancer and grew as I  stumbled upon The GYROTONIC® Method when I was 15, after having some “clicking hip” problems. Within 4 sessions, I never had that problem again! I was able to continue training with Ballet West Academy in Utah and receive a spot later on in the LINES Ballet Ensemble in San Francisco.

After my time in San Francisco, I was offered a spot in The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Masa in Israel and continued dancing there for a year. I unfortunately tore the Labrum in my hip and opted to not receive surgery. The next 4 years were a constant ongoing search to find knowledge to correct my movement patterns that created this injury.

In 2011, I became a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor, receiving my training from ex-professional dancer, and Master Trainer, Debra Rose. From there, it has been a continued learning process, gathering information in movement practices and nutrition.

In 2013 I started Align Fitness and now call Huntington Beach home. I’m privileged to have Align Fitness inside of a Sports Medicine Clinic, and continue my learning process. I work extensively with dancers from all over Orange County and have become a destination spot for dancers to travel to receive training.

My current mission is to bring movement and knowledge to the dancers I can’t reach locally. My 12 year old dancing self would have loved extra information on  what’s really happening with Turnout, Stretching, Balance and may have avoided injuries  that could have kept me dancing.

My Approach

Movement is King in my world. Implementing movement techniques from many different genres of training, I find the right fit for your body. Every person reacts and takes corrections differently, and this experience is about YOU walking out better then you came in.

After years of watching subpar form in the dance studio, gym, and in everyday activities, working with anatomically correct positions can literally increase your extension, balance,  and strength instantly. Learning how YOUR body moves, and KNOWING how the body works, will unlock your pain, body limitations, and mental state of movement.

Turnout For Dancers


The Perfect Pointe

What Do I Get?

  • 16 Videos with me, one on one
  • Exercises to strengthen your Turnout Muscles
  • A Full System you can apply to other areas of your Training
  • Learn what Turnout really is and where you are limiting yourself
  • Access to other Courses by Align Fitness

Start With The Feet

  • Guide to improve your Pointe
  • Step-by-Step exercises
  • No gadgets or toys. These can be done anywhere!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take Body Health Into Your Own Hands!