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I get messages every day asking what I recommend as supplements and care from the inside out. Here are what I use, and have my dancers on. I’ve spent 10+ years looking for the best of the best, and right NOW, this I recommend. All of these are tried and true and I only suggest them because I see major RESULTS. Questions? 


Collagen is the body’s most important structural protein, making up to 90% of every tissue from your hair and skin, to your muscles and bones. But, starting in your twenties, your body begins producing less of this essential ingredient – losing about 1% each year.  Most collagen products use Type II or Type III collagen, but ICARIA Glow is composed of hydrolyzed Type 1 collagen, the most abundant and necessary collagen in your body, which is why I’ve seen such dramatic results. For athletes especially, it is vital we keep our muscle mass for performance and health.


Once proteolytic enzymes are in your system, they begin to break down proteins that cause scar tissue and inflammation, thus decreasing the pain, swelling, and inflammation you feel after an injury or workout. Some benefits may be Promoting healthy an immune system, aiding in quick workout recovery and faster injury healing, improving protein digestion and antioxidant support.

Whole Flower CBD

Süthe utilizes a Whole Flower Fluid extraction process, preserving the whole plant and all its medicinal benefits. Laboratory tested, this Organic Whole Flower Fluid process is proven to extract over 90% of the active, whole plant ingredients. This maintains the unique flavors and taste of the plant and importantly, does not isolate any single compound. I’ve used many CBD products in the past and this one is by far my favorite for the results I see in myself and Clients

LIFE Digestive Enzyme

Breaks down lactose, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins with Plant Based Digestive Enzymes with Pre and Probiotics. Supports healthy digestion of cooked and processed foods, Releasing trapped nutrients from food. Helps relieve the feeling of bloating, Supports healthy bowel regularity, and Soothes stomach