8 Ways To Improve Your Pointe

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In this easy to apply guide, you’ll find exercises, anatomy and tips to strengthen your pointed foot. No toys, frills, or gadgets needed! 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


4 reviews for 8 Ways To Improve Your Pointe

  1. Chelsea Elting

    So simple with such big results. I had my pre-pointe students download this guide to use for their at home work and I’ve seen great progress in the students who apply these techniques.

  2. Stacy (verified owner)

    This is stuff I wish I would have known when I started dancing! Many common exercises we do to improve are feet are actually harmful. I loved this easy step by step guide.

  3. Tricia (verified owner)

    This guide is the perfect tool to get the perfect point! The easy instructions and have massively improved my approach and refined my overall technique. Thanks Allie!

  4. Hali (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this guide! The excercises are clearly explained and I love the photos/diagrams that go along with each explanation. Being able to physically see the correct vs. incorrect alignment has helped me recognize it in my own dancers, and more importantly helped them recognize it for themselves!

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