Lower Body Flexibility

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4 reviews for Lower Body Flexibility

  1. Anna Termont (verified owner)

    It is a great course for me as a dancer and as a teacher. There are a lot of new exercises that increase the flexibility. With the video’s it is clear what u have to do. If it helps for me, then it will be for my students.
    Thanks a lot for this eye opener!

  2. Mae Armeni

    At first I was expecting to do some really long and torturous exercises but Allie makes it really simple, gentle and precise. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to see results. Thank you for making this easy to keep up.

  3. Madison Morris

    This course is such a great resource for dancers and dance educators! I love how it focuses on flexibility through the lens of stability and strength. The emphasis on active stretches and gently moving through your range of motion is so refreshing. Loved it so much! Thanks Allie!

  4. Veronica

    Recovering from hip labral tear surgery was really difficult. Doing ballet was more painful and I could not figure out why! Until doing this course, I could not do my ballet stretches without pain! Now I am stretching safely and pain free. This course gave me the exercises I needed to merge my previous physical therapy experience with safe dance training! THANK YOU! This course will open your eyes to the importance of STRENGTH and proper alignment!

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