Glute Band

Glute Band For Dancers

The fabric band with elastic inside will make your glutes work like never before! These are a must for my clients. I recommend one for every dancer serious about taking care of their hips, back, + knees.

Foot Massaging Mat

Foot Massager

This mat is my clients favorite to stand on. The prickles assist to feel the whole foot, increase the feeling of the foot on ground + massage out your tired feet. 

Foot Ball w/Prickles

Foot Massaging Ball

These balls are a nice treat on the arches + ball of the foot. 

Circle Resistance Bands

Circle Bands

Great for standing + sitting work. I love these for hip flexor + extension work. The different strengths are nice for different movements.

Long Resistance Band

Resistance Band for Dance

These heavy resistance bands are great for a core warm up, as well as improving strength. The thicker the band, the stronger it is. You’ll use all of them for different exercises.



Therabands are a staple in the dance bag. Make sure you have an extra strong band so you can use it for more then just feet.

Pilates Ball

Pointe Strength Ball for pointed feet

I love this for strengthening the toes! There are lots of other uses as well!

Toe Pro

Toe Pro

This IS my foot strength device. The Toe Pro will help strengthen the foot, ankle, and leg in ways you’ve never felt before. I don’t recommend “toys” often, but this is the one I have all my dancers use.

Stick Foot Roller

foot roller for dancers

Foot Roller are a nice addition to the dance bag and feel great after a long class. 

Foam Roller

cross training foam roller for dancers

Foam rollers are most dancers favorites. I love this simple version for my back!