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I am a ballet dancer and was looking for a cross-training regimen. I tried everything from pilates, yoga, even specific workouts designed for dancers. Nothing seemed to work until I found Gyrotonic. I worked with Allie, one on one, every week and it was honestly the best cross-training experience I have ever had. Allie is so knowledgeable and caring, she is so good at explaining how the body works and how to keep your body in its best shape. I am so grateful to have worked with such an amazing person like Allie in such an incredible, state of the art studio. Anyone who is curious about Gyrotonic, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try. I don’t know what I would have done without Allie’s help and this system.

Renee C.

Professional Dancer, Cincinnati Ballet Trainee

My daughter, who is a dancer and has been dancing for the past 10 years with an intense regimen, has experienced real benefits from working with Allie. Her muscles have noticeably lengthened and she receives comments from teachers and dance peers who are seeing the positive changes. We would highly recommend Allie. She is a pleasure to work with and my daughter looks forward to her private sessions with her every week.

Kathy D.

Dancer Mom

I had not heard of Gyrotonic until a physical therapist, who was at loss as to how to treat me, referred me to Allie. I had a herniated disc in my lower back and lots of weakness and instability in my lower back and hips as a result. She helped me improve my posture and find strength in those deep muscles that other PTs couldn’t seem to touch. She’s extraordinarily knowledgable about anatomy and I learned so much about my body that improved so many other areas of my life. Whether doing yoga or simply sitting and standing, Gyrotonic has improved my quality of life. Allie’s ability to communicate and explain how to do the movements is amazing. My herniated disc improved over the course of the almost-year with Allie. I still have occasional pain but feel that her instruction and the workouts on the Gyrotonic machines helped me tremendously.

Alana A.

Stay At Home Mom

As a dancer for over 20 years, a yoga instructor and a fitness enthusiast I have to say that Gyrotonic is one of the best overall workouts I have experienced thus far. Whether it be as a cross-training tool or to help gain back strength and mobility after an injury Allie knows exactly how to tailor a session to my individual needs. Allie is both informative and well-educated while at the same time remains personable and relatable. She has a talent for making the difficult moments go smoother and making the workouts fly by! If you want to feel stronger while toning your body and have a better range of flexibility then I highly recommend trying a session with Allie for whatever your needs may be!

Hali B.

Professional Dancer, Yoga Instructor

Working with Allie has informed me so much about my body, strengthened and helped my dancing so much! I am so thankful for you Allie! I recommend Allie, especially for dancers, she has such an extensive knowledge about Gyrotonic as well as dance, and will help transform your movement and make your body feel amazing!

McCall M.


I have taken Pilates, yoga and many different exercise and dance classes. Doing Gyrotonic with Allie has been the best and most effective for my body. Allie has a real understanding how the body works and she knows how to explain the different exercises so I get the best results. Doing Gyrotonic with Allie has been the BEST of all the previous exercises I have done. I can’t thank her enough for her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Carol T.

Movement Lover

After a session I feel relaxed and energized knowing I worked my body safely, while increasing range of motion and strength. If a part of my body is in pain it always feels better or is no longer in pain by the end of the session. Allie is very knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend her.

Jill G.

Retired Office Worker

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