PrePointe Strength Program


Creating Strong, Thriving Dancers

Dreams of Pointe Shoes?

Whether you are going en pointe, or have been for en pointe for years, it takes more than ballet class. This 4 Level program takes you from the beginning of your journey to passing your evaluation AND Beyond!

Want A Stronger Releve?

Better balance, higher releves, stronger turns are details every dancer needs. This program is for dancers who want stronger ankles + standing legs. No pointe shoes (or dreams of) necessary!

Reaching Your Dancing Goals

Unlock Your Full Potential. 

Gaining foot + ankle strength is so much MORE than  using a stretchy band. This program takes you through alignment, banded, standing, + loaded work to make the most out of your foot stability + mobility. Designed for any age of dancer that is ready to have stronger feet, ankles, + standing legs. Using the best of Allie’s analogies, program building, + current evidence in the dance world. 

40+ Exercises

4 Levels of Programming

15 Minute or Less Workouts

Detailed Instructional Videos

Follow Along Workouts

Premade PDF Workouts To Download

Easy Lifetime Access

40+ Exercises

Each exercise is broken down with a dancer + Allie. See the details of “good” vs “bad” + what are the common mistakes. 

4 Levels of Programming

We start from the beginning + build a base that will last! Each level has harder exercises + goals to reach. You’ll know exactly when you should move onto the next level 

15 Minute Workouts

 Once you get the details, the workouts are short + sweet. Designed to be a perfect add on to your own routine. Consistency is the key!

Detailed Instructional Videos

 You will learn the HOW + WHY of each exercise. The gains are in the details of how you do it, the recipe of movement, + correct application. This is way more than a “follow along” program. 

Follow Along Workouts

Each level has a follow along workout that goes through the exercises in real time, with Allie correctly + setting timing.

PDF Workouts

Each levels has workouts premade for you to take on the go! Once you know the exercises, these can be done at the studio, home, or the office on your break. 

Easy Lifetime Acces

You will receive your own login + access to this program. As long as we’re around, you have access! 

How It Applies

You’ll not only learn exercises to have stronger feet + ankles, but skills + technique to get even more out of your dance classes! 

Commonly Asked Questions


Who is this for?

This program is for the dancer that want stronger ankles, feet, + standing legs for class. No matter if your goals are to go en pointe for the first time, build strength already en pointe, or have a stronger demi pointe. This is the program for you!

Am I too Old or Young to do this Program?

This is designed with dancers 8-99 in mind!

Young dancers should have decent body awareness. I find about 8-9 years old is a good time to start working on basic strength like this. 

Adults this program is for you! Whether you are coming back to dance after a long break, or starting this new skill as an adult, this program will help you gain strength, increase technique, dance knowledge + reduce risk of injury. My adult dancers LOVE this program.


I'm not planning to go en Pointe...Is this for me?

Absolutely. Every time you stand, releve, piroette, jump, even plie, it takes the strength we are building in this program. Think about how much work we put on our feet + standing legs…EVERYONE needs to work on this strength

How long is the program?

This program is go at your own pace. You can watch videos + do workouts at the pace that works for your life.

I have an injury, is this program for me?

Many dancers find this program after spraining an ankle or suffering from Bunion pain. Once you are cleared to return to dance from your PT or doctor, this program is perfect. A LOT of the dancers I see are returning to dance after injury. There tends to be a missing information + strength gap from finishing PT, to returning to your high level classes. This helps fill that gap. Please feel free to reach out with specific questions about your injury.



“I’ve been doing the exercises in the pointe program and seeing so much more strength in my feet and ankles! And I’m only on the second level!”

“I started this program about a month ago, doing 15-20 minutes of the exercises, 4-5 days a week and can already feel the difference in my alignment, pointe strength, and stability on and off pointe!”

“I particularly notice a difference in my ability hold a balance and sustain a Relevé. I trust Allie’s methods to get me where I want to be.”

“I felt the difference in my ballet class already after a week and half – my rélevé was higher, stronger and more stable. Sous-sus + balances on one leg were noticeably easier. My arches look higher. This course is absolutely worth the price if you want to go en pointe or improve your pointe work.” 

I learned so much! All the cues were really helpful and I was able to apply the learnings in my local dance classes.”

It has been fantastic, not just strengthening my feet and ankles (which I definitely have), but also learning so much about correct alignment. The exercises are great too, they’re explained in such detail and they’re really manageable to do throughout the day.”

Other Options Available

Turnout + Flexibility Bundle

Two of my most popular courses in one bundled package. Tackle two of a dancers biggest complaints with some simple exercise solutions.

Core Warm Up

An essential place to start for any dancer. These exercises target the whole core, not just our abdominals.

Cross Training Privates


This one year program covers all your dancing needs. Flexibility, Turnout, Extensions, Arabesque, Alignment and more!

Want more individual attention for your body issues or goals? Privates with Allie are available in person + virtually

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