Lower Body Flexibility

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This bundle set has “Front Splits Flexibility“, “Side Splits FlexibilityPLUS 9 other exercise designed to increase your lower body flexibility. With these exercises, you will find a new range of mobility in your Hamstrings, Hips, Quads, Hip Flexors, Calves, IT Band and more in minutes! Gone are the days or tearing muscles to achieve minimal results. These safe, effective series of stretches will leave you excited to add or even replace some of your current stretching routine.


6 reviews for Lower Body Flexibility

  1. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    This flexibility couse is incredible! Being the mom of two dancers, I wish we had this information years ago. I am so grateful to know my daughters are stretching safely and increasing their flexiblity. Allie has created a concise, effective and empowering way for them to improve and take care of their bodies. I highly recommend this to dancers of all levels, moms and those to have a dancer in their life!

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