Lower Body Flexibility

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This bundle set has “Front Splits Flexibility“, “Side Splits FlexibilityPLUS 9 other exercise designed to increase your lower body flexibility. With these exercises, you will find a new range of mobility in your Hamstrings, Hips, Quads, Hip Flexors, Calves, IT Band and more in minutes! Gone are the days or tearing muscles to achieve minimal results. These safe, effective series of stretches will leave you excited to add or even replace some of your current stretching routine.


6 reviews for Lower Body Flexibility

  1. Hali (verified owner)

    I purchased the bundle set and it was such a great deal for all the information that it included. The excersies are clearly explained and the visuals are super helpful. Allie is one of my favorite educators and I’m so glad she came out with this set! I can’t wait to bring this info into the studio with my dancers!

  2. Lani (verified owner)

    When I first did this in the studio I was shocked to see how much better my over splits became! It was so much easier to do and I saw such fast results doing these stretches! Also they were less painful and more effective than the other stretches I used to do. Thank you Allie!!

  3. Stacy

    This course was excellent! Allie’s techniques are truly revolutionary for the dance world. The way she trains is so different, and way more effective, than what most dance teachers promote. Her easy-to-follow cues make all the difference. It’s all about her details.

  4. margaret1321 (verified owner)

    This course is so informative! The way Allie explains these exercise and techniques are so easy to understand. As a dance teacher for over a decade now you are constantly looking to improve yourself as a teacher to assist your students to be their best selves. To have these tools in my back pocket from a professional that has studied these areas is priceless. I am so looking forward to bring all these techniques and exercises into my class room! Thank you Allie for bringing the tools that I need to assist the young and older dancers to be their best selves and create less injury in the dance professional world! I highly recommend students and dance teachers purchase this course you will love every minute of it!

  5. Isabella Graves

    This course is amazing! Allie showed me these techniques that I would have never thought of before, and they worked incredibly well. When I first did these exercises, I will never forget how quick and successful the results were! I was able to get my splits down further, and without pain without having to sit in over splits for hours.

  6. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    This flexibility couse is incredible! Being the mom of two dancers, I wish we had this information years ago. I am so grateful to know my daughters are stretching safely and increasing their flexiblity. Allie has created a concise, effective and empowering way for them to improve and take care of their bodies. I highly recommend this to dancers of all levels, moms and those to have a dancer in their life!

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